“I am strong and courageous”

Journaling provides us with a safe place to express our concerns, fears and desires. When we discover moments of low self-esteem it has the capacity to not only keep us from our dreams but disrupt our everyday interactions. By incorporating exercises that focus on being intentional about the words, phrases and beliefs that we hold about ourselves we prevent insecurities from taking over and we look for opportunities to boost our self-esteem.

I invite you to join me on a thirty-day self-esteem journaling journey. We will meet for 15 minutes each day to journal- you will be provided with a prompt; a word of encouragement and we will also have a few guest hosts.

When we stand up to the thoughts that try to rob us of our spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing we care less about what other people think about us, we train the mind to be kinder (look for the good) and we begin to pay attention to the root cause of our low self-esteem.

We are always stronger together than we are apart!

Join me on April 5th at 7pm EST on Zoom (participants will remain anonymous)

Send an email to admin@caroleconsults.ca to book your spot!

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