Counselling In Person & Online

Individual Counselling

Individual clients come to discuss their anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, unhealthy relationship patterns or working through generational hurts, in order to restore balance in their life.

Online Counselling

Online counselling allows you to connect through video conference or telephone. You can get the same benefits of driving to a counsellor’s office from the comfort of your own home or office. It is a responsible way to work on yourself and  learn how to cope with difficult thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships.

Individual Career Counselling

If you are facing the reality of job loss or unemployment stress you might be having a difficult time adjusting to the change or need support to face past challenges. Connecting with a counselling professional can offer you a new way to process your feelings, thoughts and actions prior to or during the job search process. When we do not give ourselves the time to heal or recognize some of the issues that are keeping us from growing we are simply failing to plan and planning to fail. When we go through an upsetting experience our mind can sometimes trick us into believing concepts that are not true. During our time together we will evaluate your emotional wounds, foster healthier communication, get clear about your worries, address the deep seeded pain and frustrations and familiarize yourself with your “pace meter”. This can be accomplished by actively participating in behavioral and cognitive action plans.

Who Should be Involved in Individual Therapy

Individual Counselling supports individuals to face challenging circumstances and explore various options while considering their thoughts and their feelings. It helps the individual to identify aspects of their life that requires support by reducing their worry and giving them the opportunity to have someone listen to them in a non-judgmental environment while gaining the tools to face problems in an effective manner.

Why Individual Therapy is Important

Individual Counselling can offer individuals a new way of facing challenging and stressful situations. These approaches can help individuals improve their relationships, gain a stronger sense of self, manage anger and health issues and gain a better understanding of how they plan to face work/life stressors in the future. It is an opportunity to grow, learn about yourself and eventually feel in control of your mood, state of mind and life circumstances.

Working Together

In individual Counselling you work one on one alongside the  counsellor  to set goals and work towards the desired change and to ensure that the change is steady. The  counsellor  helps the individual become clear about their intentions while helping them to discover specifically what they want to achieve.  Together they are forming a new narrative and in particular a healthier opinion of themselves. In fact, it is a relationship that requires shared courage on the part of the individual and the counsellor.

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