Intensive Couple and Family Counselling

Intensive Couple and Family Therapy

We work with clients taking into consideration their demanding work/life schedule. Families or couples arrive at  9 am  and we commence our session for 90 minutes. This is followed by two separate meetings, in couple sessions, couples are seen separately and during family meetings siblings/ children (if age appropriate) are seen first and this is followed by a parent session. Each session will be held for 45 minutes. Then we will come back together for the last hour and finish up at  1:30 pm

Family Therapy

Who Should be Involved in Family Therapy

Families are diverse and dynamic living structures that can be difficult to understand. Family therapy is suitable for issues that are impacting the entire family system. We invite all immediate family members to the family therapy session in order to understand the issue and bring about change. In family therapy we support families to confront difficult issues and have conversations that bring up uncomfortable emotions. The therapist works with individuals in the family and the interactions that they have with various members.

Why Family Therapy is Important

Family therapy offers the entire family system the opportunity to solve challenges through a supportive group effort. It an important process for families to participate in to address such things as generational hurts, new perspectives, healing from significant emotional turmoil and promote positive outcomes. If individuals have not learned how to maintain healthy relationships from their family of origin, family therapy promotes functional family connections.

Working Together

Family therapist work alongside families to develop a safe space to brainstorm possible solutions, and create a plan to address issues in an open and creative way. By creating clear goals families are encouraged to draw on their strengths and produce the type of healthy interactions they require to obtain a better functioning home environment.

Couple Therapy

Who Should be Involved in Couple Therapy

If couples want to improve their relationship and develop helpful skills to confront difficult matters, then therapy can help you feel less overwhelmed when you are not sure about where to start. Couple therapy will help you identify the issues that might be getting in the way and restore the relationship to a better level of functioning. We see couples together and separately during the couple intensives. Couple therapy is for couples who do not feel like they are getting anywhere during discussions which often end in arguments due to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Why Couple Therapy is Important

Couple therapy is an opportunity to understand your relationship a little more and it could allow you to hear one another in a new and meaningful way. It offers couples the chance to build meaningful connections.  Most couples have a desire to improve their relationship but do not know how to implement the necessary changes. Couple therapy helps reduces the confusion, encourages couples to evaluate their needs, move away from blame, improve their communication and modify their dysfunctional behaviors. Couple therapy can change the couple’s view of the relationship and build a stronger partnership.

Working Together

The couple therapist will help reduce any fear surrounding the therapeutic process by encouraging questions, feedback, and opportunities for the couple to speak openly in order to express difficult emotions and strengthen the lines of communication. The couple therapist will work with the couple to listen, validate and increase the unity through the use of  thoughtful exercises and gentle reminders.

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